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Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport Systems

In dense phase pneumatic transport systems, powder or granular solid materials are carried along a pipeline with low velocity and high-pressurized air.

Dense phase pneumatic transport system generally consists of a silo in which the material is stocked, a valve beneath, pressurized vessel and pipeline. When the valve below the silo opens, the material in the silo is discharged to the vessel by its own weight. With the signal coming from level sensor, the entrance valve closes and the pressure on the vessel gradually increases. When the pressure reaches a sufficient level, the outlet valve opens and the transport of the material to pipeline takes place.

It is particularly ideal for transport of materials, which have segregation and degradation problem. In materials with specific features, Ni-Hard bends are used and abrasion is minimized.

Dense phase pneumatic transport system is the most suitable transportation system for;

  • Abrasive
  • Fragile
  • Mixture
  • High density and
  • Hygroscopic (water absorber) materials.

When the pressurized vessel is filled with material, inlet and vent air valves are closed, the pressure in the system gradually increases and the material proceeds towards the target silos along the transportation line.

“Pneumatic Mixer Cone” developed by NOL-TEC is used to ensure that materials which may stick the inside pipeline and which may turn into blocks, are easily and efficiently dissolved. Thanks to its design, it has long life and is easy to maintain. Pneumatic mixer may be easily installed under a conveyor. Therefore, transportation in dense phase takes place with minimum segregation even on atmosphere conditions.

Some application areas

  • Cement industry applications
  • Transportation of Fly Ash
  • Transportation of Carbon Black
  • Detergent powder raw materials
  • Raw materials of glass industry
  • Sand industry
  • Chemistry and food industry
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