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Plastics Industry References

HAKAN PLASTİK - PVC Dosing, Mixer Feeding and Pneumatic Vacuum Transport System SAFMAK - HAKAN
ADOPEN - PVC, Calcite, Wood Shavings and Micro Components Storage, Dosing and Pneumatic Transport System for Plastics Production SAFMAK - ADOPEN
LIGNA DECOR - Recipe Based Mixer Feeding System SAFMAK - LİGNADECOR
ÖNCÜ GRUP - PVC Raw Material Pneumatic Transport and Dosing System SAFMAK - ONCUGRUP
PAMUKKALE KABLO - Recipe Based Mixer Feeding, Micro Dosing and Stocking System Automation and Mechanical Parts SAFMAK - PAMUKKALEKABLO
PLASKO PLASTİK - PVC Raw Material Stocking, Pneumatic Transport and Recipe Based Production System Automation SAFMAK - PLASKO
ROMA PLASTİK - Recipe Based PVC Mixer Feeding System SAFMAK - ROMA
POLINAS - Extruder and Co-Extruder Raw Material Dosing and Master Batch System SAFMAK - POLİNAS
VATAN KABLO - PVC Raw Material Stock, Pneumatic Transport and Recipe Based Production System SAFMAK - VATAN KABLO
HES KABLAO - PVC Silos and Pneumatic Transport System SAFMAK - HES KABLO
PYRSMIAN KABLO - Micro Components Dosing and Transport System SAFMAK - PYRSMİAN
ALFA PLASTİK - 75 m^3 Silo and Raw Material Transport System SAFMAK - ALFA
ERKU TÜRKMENİSTAN -Polyethylene Granule Pneumatic Transport System SAFMAK - ERKU
ERKU TÜRKMENİSTAN - Sand Pneumatic Transport System SAFMAK - ERKU
TURKUVAZ - Calcite Loading and Pneumatic Transport System SAFMAK - TURKUVAZ
KOROZO - Production & Power Monitoring System SAFMAK - KOROZO
FIRAT PLASTİK - Big-Bag Discharge System and Granulator Feed SAFMAK - FIRAT
ELİF PLASTİK - Press and Cutting Machines Production Monitoring System SAFMAK - ELIF
SENEPA STAMPA - Production Monitoring System and ERP Integration SAFMAK - SENAPA STAMPA
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