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Our hardware, automation and software service and equipment requirements are met by our partner, EOC Company who has more than 30 years of experience in the automation industry.

plc yazılımSOFTWARE
SAFMAK has a permanent staff, consisting of expert engineers and technicians who are specialists especially on S5-S7 group PLC’s, Siemens operator panels, Siemens WinCC and SCADA software programs.

PLC Software
Depending on the size of the project, S7-200, S7-300 or S7-400 model PLC units are being used which are programmed by using microwin and step7 programmes.

Scada Software
Projects that consists scada are executed by using wincc V6.2 and if necessary add on packs such as Data Monitor, User Archieve, Web Navigator, Storage, Pm-open export.

Operator Display Software
We are programming Siemes Operator Display by using pretool V6.0 and Wincc Flexible 2007.

SCADA is a software that gives the chance of viewing and controlling all the processes. Previous analyses and reports can be saved and printed if necessary. It is programmed by using WINCC Scada Software by expert engineers.

Managing the Recipe
Operators that are using Scada has the authorization of editing a recipe or creating a new recipe. Flexile recipe structions can be formed depending on the production process, and can be filtered with respect to their names, creation dates or recipe codes.

Analysis, Reports and Historcal Trends
Previous analysis, report pages and important parameters of process such as weight, temperature, pressure etc. can be saved. It is possible to obtain time charts of the processes for comparison.

Alarm Management
Current alarms and the alarms occured in the past, can be filtered by thedate, time, type or the occurance place of the alarm, and can be displayed with the related page and also can be reported