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Our company which aims to meet automation and dosing needs of our country for more than 25 years, takes into consideration the changing world and quality views and decided to adopt ISO 9001-2000 total quality management and started infrastructure works accordingly. Having its main principle as one hundred percent customer satisfaction since its foundation, our company will not sacrifice in its main goal, will ensure that its quality view and responsibility awareness is understood and adopted by entire staff and customer complaints and demands are common responsibility of everyone in the company.

SAFMAK implemented its quality structure based upon the criteria stated by Turkish Standardization Institute and European Community. Design precautions are applied during design & manufacturing and obligatory filing is done according to the Module A (Internal Control of Production) modular approach, advised by the European Community.

With trainings to be provided according to this view, adaptation of both administration and employees to this subject will be ensured. Training activities will include technical trainings and thus continuous improvement will be guaranteed in production speed, quality, cost reduction and standardization.

Quality policy of our company requires that quality assurance starts from receiving orders and continues through shipment and thus a “Quality Assurance Unit” was founded within our company. Tasks to be carried out with the procedures and instructions of this unit, will be accomplished in the most efficient and problem-free way.

We can list our targets in all these customer-orientated works of ours as follows:

• Providing the most suitable system for the demands of the customer which are functional, aesthetic, reliable and cost-efficient,
• In case of any failures, by taking advantage of current documentation, providing solutions to problems in the shortest time and in the most efficient way,
• Reducing the amount of wasted time, and unused material during production, cutting the costs and thus being able to provide better possibilities to our employees,
• Training entire staff as people who are educated and who can assume responsibility,
• Without sacrificing in customer satisfaction, watching advancements and innovations to increase our profit margin and to become more competitive. Increasing our market share in domestic and foreign markets.