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SAFMAK operates in its new Gebze plant with total closed area of over 8000 m2 whose ¼ is allocated for manufacturing field.

With the investments on production plant on 2007, production facilities, especially about cold forming, are improved. Thus, duration and quality of the production has become more controllable.

The machining area of the production plant consists of machines such as lathe, fraise, planning bench, vertical auger, copy cutting and automatic band saw machines. In the cold forming area, two roller, a bending machine, and a sheet iron cutting machine is under service.Coated electrode, MAG and TIG welding machines, are guaranteed by our welding certificated staff and appropriate welding procedures. Not only to prevent the damage caused by collisions on heavy loads, but also to increase the production rate in the plant, a mobile crane with a capacity of 10 tons and 2 forklifts are used in the production field.

The steel, that is going to be used in the production, is stored with respect to the product entry procedures. On the other hand, the technical warehouse is a place that input and output material entries is viewed by a software and the equipments provided from abroad countries are stored for being used in urgent needs.

In the direction of our primary mission, “diminishing the dependency of Turkish Industry to imported goods and foreign technology” we are carrying on to be the leader of sector. Herein, we are emphasizing that by mastering the production processes by both using the technological variety and taking care of aesthetics and ergonomy.