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Our hardware, automation and software service and equipment requirements are met by our partner, EOC Company who has more than 30 years of experience in the automation industry.

We are using Siemens S7-200, S7-300, S7-400 and PCS7 group PLC’s in our systems and machines. We are also working on renewing and modernizing of S5 to S7 PLC programming.

Siemens S7-200
S7-200 family can easily be named as Micro PLC, who has one CPU, an additional expansion module and micro HMI panels. We frequently use this PLC group for our compact machines.

Siemens S7-300
This is the family group that can be categorized a middle level. It is frequently use for machine and factory automations that require high performance. It is also quiet possible to see that this family is used with S7-400 groups.

Siemens S7-400
This is the highest level of Siemens PLC’s. It is mainly preferred for high performance systems. Using S7-400 family is especially necessary where redundant operation is required.

Siemens  PCS7 Group
This is the modern control system of Siemens, commonly known as DSC (Distributed control systems.  Redundant and non-redundant structures can be built with this system.  Program additionas can be easily made to the systems designed with PCS7 group.

Siemens operator panels, in large range of product, that are applicable to all machines and systems in terms of needs, machine-human interface that provide operators to trail the process of the system and adjust the parameters as required.

Touch Screen Panels
Touch screen panels are frequently used in machines and systems control because of their ease of use, tolerance to water and dust and efficiency. As they are separated into groups like 70, 170 and 270, they can be used to control a system as well as a small machine.

Mobile Panels
Mobile panels can be used in all areas of industry where mobile control is required. Using a mobile panel will be the ideal choice where machine or the system is very big or unreachable.

Micro paneller
Micro Panels are produced for Siemens S7 200 PLC family. They are frequently used in small machines because of their ease of use and low prices.

Multi Panels
Siemens Multi Panels are produced for systems that require high performance. They are frequently used in systems where recipe, historical trend or graphical objects are required. Multi panels can also be used as soft PLC by writing scripts.