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Solid Batch Dosing Systems

Dosing of powder, granular and grainy materials are realized by screw conveyor, weigh belt feeder or vibration systems and are generally based on prescriptions. The element fed in solid dosage may be a bunker, reactor or a mixer. In solid dosage systems, there is more than one material to be given to the mixer or to the reactor. The prescription specifies the amount to be fed from each material according to the process. The prescription to be produced may be selected from the control system and system determines the dosage amount of each material, itself. The operation of dosage system can be monitored from a panel or a mimic diagram in control room. Also in addition to the fact that actual values can be monitored from the computer by a SCADA system, the desired values can be printed.

In solid dosage systems, there are a lot of assistant equipments that will facilitate the process. Bin activators; for materials that flow hardly from silos, filters and diverter valves are used frequently. Also in order to make sure that dosing is accurate, frequency control devices are used in screw and belt feeding elements.

katı batch dozaj sistemleri

katı batch dozaj sistemleri