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VD Type Drum Filling Machines

VD type drum filling machine realizes the filling of drums by PLC control. Filling weight can be between 60-250 Kg according to the customer. Gravity or a pump can be used to feed th liquid material. When filling is completed nozzle goes up and the sequence continues with another drum. In order to avoid dripping of liquid material on to the drums, a pneumatic operated plate can be used. Feeding process has two speed steps: one fast; for reducing the filling time, and one slow; for achieving accuracy. Slow and fast feeding weight values can be entered from the operator panel. The roller conveyor, which the drum stands on, can be driven by motor. There are also entrance and exit conveyors in the system.

Drum Filling Machine

Four-Drum Filling Machine

In this system four drums that is on a pallet are filled one by one. Drums are weighed consecutively and total weight is calculated. Aligning the nozzle through the bunghole of the drums is done pneumatically by hand.

Four-Drum Filling Machine

Automatic Drum Filling Machine

In this system, filling is done without an operator. Finding the bunghole, opening the lid, filling the liquid and closing the lid is totally automatic.

Automatic Drum Filling Machine
Pot Material Drum, Cask
Pot Type Metal, Plastic
Weighing Interval 60-200 kg
Accuracy +/- 150 g
Capacity 2-3 minute/drum
Feeding Type Pump
Free Flow
Operation Pressure 6 bar
Operation Voltage 220 -380 V
Control System PLC (Siemens)
Weight 300 Kg

Container Filling Machine

Container Filling Machine