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Can Filling Machines

There are two parts in TD type tin filling system; one filling and one cover closing. Feeding process has two speed steps: one fast; for reducing the filling time, and one slow; for achieving accuracy. Slow and fast feeding weight values can be entered from the operator panel. DRUM type filling machine is a portable system. By canceling the cover close unit, this part can also be used as a filling part. By means of a changeable nozzle unit, different materials can be filled.

Machine can be full automatic by adding entry and exit conveyors. Nozzle height can be adjusted according to can or bucket height. The start button, which the operator will use to start the process, can be situated on the panel as well as under food control pedal.

can filling machine can filling machine
Pot Type Can, Bucket
Pot Material Metal, Plastic
Weighing Interval 5-30 kg
Accuracy +/- 30 g
Capacity 2-4 can/minute
Feeding Type< Pump
Free Flow
Operation Pressure 6 bar
Operation Voltage 220 V
Control System PLC (Siemens)
Weight 350 Kg